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Damp proofing Rising Dampness can develop within walls due to the lack of an effective damp proof course or the omission of damp proofing during earlier construction.

In most cases, rising dampness is identified by moisture readings obtained around the base of the walls, however in more severe cases of prolonged dampness, visible damp patches may appear along with hygroscopic salts on the wall surfaces.

Damp Companu UK remedial damp proof course treatment involves installing a chemical damp proof course using dryzone dpc cream, which is installed by pattern drilling the appropiate mortar course at the base of the wall and injecting into the masonry substrate.

Dryzone is not injected under pressure. It is simply introduced into holes in the wall and allowed to diffuse. This eliminates the problems listed below caused by pressurised injection.

  • Our new Dryzone DPC is not injected under pressure. It is simply introduced into holes in the wall and allowed to diffuse. This eliminates the problems listed above caused by pressurised injection.
  • Many damp-proofing fluids used in gravity feed and pressure injection damp proofing systems are corrosive or flammable.
  • Damp-proofing fluid can flow through cracks and fissures in the mortar, rather than spreading evenly through the mortar. This can lead to problems with fluid flowing through party walls and causing damage to neighbouring properties.
  • Dryzone contains over 60% active ingredients, compared with approximately 5% for damp-proofing fluids. Therefore a much smaller amount of water is introduced into the wall, reducing the drying out period.

Advantages to the Homeowner / Occupier

The fact that Dryzone can be installed much more quickly than pressure injection treatments means that disruption to the occupier is minimised.

Where rented accommodation is concerned, the owner would normally have to pay for alternative occupation for the occupier if the work continued for more than a day. Using Dryzone, treatments that would normally take two days to complete can be completed in under a day, saving the owner or housing association large sums of money in hotel bills.

Dryzone's solvent-free formulation eliminates the odour problems associated with some traditional damp-proofing treatments.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety considerations were high on the list of development criteria for Dryzone. For this reason, Dryzone was formulated to be non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.

Used in conjunction with our specialist waterproof rendering system, the damp proof course system, provides a reliable, highly effective and cost effective method for the treatment of rising dampness. Specialist replastering of the walls following the damp proof course installation may not be essential. The installed damp proof course prevents moisture continuing to rise into the walls, however, due to the effects of the ground salts, the walls will not dry out effectively unless the existing wall plaster is removed and replaced using a salt retardant rendering system, such as Rendergold / Sika 1 Sharp Sand and Cement waterproof rendering system.

The walls are then replastered using a premix waterproof rendering system, which is purpose designed to provide a salt retardant, waterproof render to combat the effects of the ground salts in the masonry and provide a dry internal finish.

Following the application of the waterproof rendering system, we will apply top coat skim plaster to provide a smooth finish.

Our installations are carried out to the highest standards and are covered by the most comprehensive guarantees available.
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